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A Lucy's Love Story

There’s so much to love about Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar. From our delicious stuffed burgers to our creative drinks and delectable desserts, who wouldn’t fall in love with Lucy’s? While most people fall in love with our burgers, some have even fallen in love with each other at Lucy’s and boy do we love a good love story!

Kelly and Lance are just one example of a couple who fell in love at Lucy’s. They met through online dating and chose Lucy's as the site of their first date. Burgers were served, sparks flew, and the beginning of their happily ever after began.

A year later, they returned to Lucy's to celebrate their one-year anniversary. And in September 2020, after being cooped up for months due to lockdowns, they decided to go back to their favorite spot for a night out.

Little did Kelly know that Lance had planned the evening with the crew at Lucy's and had dropped the ring off earlier that day.

After dinner, their waitress came over to deliver a skookie with a diamond ring right on top. The restaurant even had their song playing in the background. It doesn’t get sweeter than that!

Kelly said yes, and the couple recently tied the knot. They even came back to Lucy's to take their wedding photos. Lucy's has become Kelly and Lance's "spot," and we couldn't be happier for them. Cheers to Kelly and Lance, and to all the love stories that have begun at Lucy's #7 Burger Bar!


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