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Would you believe me if I told you ancient Egyptians each drank four liters of beer per day while constructing the pyramids? What about if I told you that a 15 foot wave of beer killed eight people in England in 1814?

Both are true! Ancient Egyptians enjoyed a good beer and the English were afraid of beer for 0.2 seconds. (By the way, these facts are perfect icebreakers.)

There are a lot of crazy stories that involve beer from the last 5,000 years (the first known beer drinkers were from Mesopotamia), and even more crazy stories are shared between friends over a beer today. At Lucy’s, all of our beers are from the best breweries located throughout Wisconsin — even our root beer is from the cheese state.

I’m about to blow your mind if I haven’t already.

There are only two classifications of beer: ale and lager. Every style of beer is one of those two types. Crazy, right?

Ales are fermented at a warm temperature over a short period of time with top-fermenting yeast, and lagers are fermented at a cold temperature over a long period of time with bottom-fermenting yeast. Top-fermenting yeasts float at the top of beer during fermentation, whereas bottom-fermenting yeasts sink to the bottom. Pretty self-explanatory.

There are many different kinds of ales, including Pale Ales, Brown Ales, Porters and Stouts. Ales are sweet and full-bodied with a fruity taste. Hops are used as a bittering agent to offset the sweetness of the malt and to act as a preservative. Ales date back thousands of years, but the ones you get on tap at Lucy’s are a lot fresher than that.

Pilsners and Bocks are both styles of lager, which is the younger beer at a few hundred years old. Lagers originated in Bavaria, Germany, and they’re lighter beers that are more highly carbonated than ales.

Our taps feature many different ales and lagers — and a cider and root beer. One of our favorite ales is Louie’s Demise from Milwaukee Brewing Company. The beer is named after the founder’s Great Great Uncle Louie who died in a bar fight. Check out the full story and toast to Louie before your next pint.

Our all-Wisconsin beer menu changes with the season, but that just means you need to keep coming back until you’ve tried them all.

You may never leave! And we’re okay with that.


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