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Employee Spotlight: Meet Javis

Everyone knows we have the burgers, the bar and the babe. Do you know what really sets our restaurant apart from others? Our employees! We are very proud of our staff and their attention to detail in everything they do. Whether it's bussing tables, pouring drinks, or stuffing your favorite Lucy's burger, our staff loves making sure you walk away with a memorable experience.

Every month we feature a new Burger of the Month and recently we have started creating #BOM videos that feature different Lucy's employees. This month's video features Javis and the Mushroom Swiss Meltdown.

Javis was able to step away from the kitchen and become our newest star. Read on and learn a little more about Javis and then watch him shine as he tells you about the Burger of the Month!

Meet Javis

Job title: Cook
Hometown: Beloit, WI
How long have you worked at Lucy's?: 3 years
Favorite Lucy's burger: Cheddar, Bacon, BBQ
Favorite Lucy's drink: Strawberry Lemonade
What do you like to do outside of work?: I enjoy playing sports, particularly basketball!
What do you enjoy most about your job?: The way the Lucy's #7 family builds something amazing from the ground up!
What are your plans for the fall?: I'll be attending UW-Waukesha this coming fall to study business management.

Watch and listen to Javis tell you about this month's Burger of the Month:


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