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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kris

Have you ever wanted to know who makes your cheese-dripping, mouth-watering stuffed burger? Or who roasts the vegetables that go into our Veggie-licious burger? Or how all of our house-made sauces taste so darn good? Meet Kris!

Kris is a prep/line cook here at Lucy's #7, and she absolutely loves cooking. She is one of our "cool people who work hard," as we like to say around here. We are always so thrilled to promote our staff because we truly believe our employees make our restaurant what it is. Whether it's welcoming you at the door, promptly taking your order or creating our house-made sauces, our staff loves making sure you walk away with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

Every month we feature a new Burger of the Month and recently we started creating some #BOM videos that feature different Lucy's employees. This month's video features Kris and Let's Get Poppin'–a burger stuffed with pepper jack cheese and topped with jalapeño cream cheese and bacon. Yum!

Read on and learn a little more about Kris, then watch as she tells you how she makes this month's Burger of the Month!

Meet Kris

Job title: Prep/Line Cook
Hometown: Villisca, IA
How long have you worked at Lucy's?: Almost one year!
Favorite Lucy's burger: Spicy Lucy
Favorite Lucy's beverage: Brandy Old Fashioned
What do you like to do outside of work?: Attending blues concerts with my husband. Loving on my grandson!
What does being a prep/line cook entail?: All of Lucy's sauces, gravies, veggie burgers, etc. are made in house by me and the other prep cooks. Once your order comes in, I'm the one cooking your burger on the grill.
What do you enjoy most about your job?: I love sending out a great-looking/tasting burger!
What's one thing you are known around here for?: I love to bake and bring in goodies to share at work.

Watch and listen to Kris tell you about this month's Burger of the Month:


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