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Five Burger + Beer Pairings

Our ideal meal consists of a hot, juicy burger that oozes cheese when you bite into it washed down with an ice cold beer. Sound good to you?

We thought you’d say yes, so we came up with the perfect burger + beer combos. We carefully selected beers based on how their flavors pair with the patty–beef, salmon or veggie–and the various cheeses and toppings. It’s like a wine and cheese pairing only better.

A love story for the ages (21 and up, of course), check out these five Lucy’s stuffed burgers paired with five Wisconsin tap beers:

1. Wisconsite + Spotted Cow

It doesn’t get any more “classic Wisconsin” than this! We paired the rich, meaty flavors from the beef patty and bratwurst with the full flavors in a Spotted Cow farmhouse ale.

2. Spicy Lucy + Fantasy Factory IPA

We accentuated the heat of the jalapeños and pepper jack cheese with a hoppy IPA in this burger + beer pairing.

3. Veggie-licious + The Farmer's Daughter

The slightly spicy, goes-with-anything Farmer’s Daughter blonde ale pairs well with the range of flavors in the Veggie-licious burger–from the earthiness of the patty to the spice in the aioli.

4. Sammy Patty + Packerland Pilsner

Packerland Pilsner is a crisp beer, which helps balance the rich profile of the salmon patty, making for the perfect pairing.

5. Cheddar, Bacon, BBQ + Rocky's Revenge or CiderBoys First Press

To complement the sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, we paired the Cheddar, Bacon, BBQ burger with a sweet and nutty brown ale or a sweet cider.

Take a trip to Lucy’s to try one of these burger + beer pairings, and then come visit us four more times to try them all. Cheers!


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