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Summer Road Trip: Wisconsin Breweries (Part 2)

We’re on the road again, taking you to five more of our favorite Wisconsin breweries, but this time we’re sticking around Madison! Some of these breweries and brews you may recognize, while others might be completely foreign to you.

The good news is that Madison is only about an hour from Beloit, so you can visit every brewery featured in this blog pretty easily. You could even hit up each of these in one day and still make it back to Lucy’s for dinner.

Check them out here before you start planning your summer day trip:

Location: Madison

Fun Fact: The name “Karben4” came from the element carbon, which is the foundational element of all organic life, coupled with the history of beer as the foundational essence of civilizations.

Lucy’s Favorite: Fantasy Factory

Location: Madison

Fun Fact: Next Door Brewing Co. was only open for a couple years before the demand for their beer grew and they started distributing around the Madison area in 2015. Now, you can find Next Door beer across southern Wisconsin.

Lucy’s Favorite: Darth Porter

Location: Madison

Fun Fact: The Madison brewery has four year-round beers, in addition to a variety of seasonal brews, special releases and, now, hard ciders. One Barrel Brewing Co. named their cider Gentry after their “fearless leader.”

Lucy’s Favorite: The Commuter

Location: Middleton

Fun Fact: Capital Brewery is committed to sustainability and installed solar panels in 2014. They also formed the Capital Brewery Bike Club in 2009 and over 100 riders meet regularly at the brewery.

Lucy’s Favorite: Lake House

Location: Arena

Fun Fact: Lake Louie started as a mid-life crisis and a three-barrel brewery, but has since turned into the largest, most successful brewery in Arena. (Ok, it’s the only brewery in Arena, but still a major feat!)

Lucy’s Favorite: Golden Booty Cream Ale


Sound good to you? Try one of their brews with our loaded fries or a stuffed burger!


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