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Summer Road Trip: Wisconsin Breweries (Part 3)

We’re halfway through our tour of Wisconsin breweries! Still with us?

We sure hope so because these breweries are ones you definitely don’t want to miss! From a well-known beer to a hard lemonade, these beer masters know how to make our favorite brews. Even if you’re not a beer drinker, these are excellent breweries to tour and visit. A must add to your end-of-summer bucket list.

Location: Lake Mills

Fun Fact: Their almost-20-year-old brewhouse has the capability to produce 45,000 barrels.

Lucy’s Favorite: Rocky’s Revenge

Location: Wisconsin Dells

Fun Fact: The brewery is named after a 1917 Port Huron Steam Traction Engine (a steam-powered tractor) that has been in the family since the mid-1950s. Every year, they show the engine at the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club annual Steam Show.

Lucy’s Favorite: Honey Blonde

Location: La Crosse

Fun Fact: La Crosse has been a beer town since it was just a settlement back in 1860 and Pearl Street Brewery has been making their mark with award-winning beers since 1999.

Lucy’s Favorite: Downtown Brown

Location: Black River Falls

Fun Fact: The building that houses Sand Creek Brewing Company was built in 1856 to be a brewery, which it was until 1920 when Prohibition shut it down. It was partially destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 1932, then Pioneer Brewing Co. purchased the building from a poultry company in 1995. Sand Creek has been there since 2004 when they combined forces with Pioneer.

Lucy’s Favorite: Hard Lemonade

Location: Chippewa Falls

Fun Fact: Jacob Leinenkugel started his brewery in Chippewa Falls in 1867 a little over 20 years after he and his family immigrated from Germany. After Prohibition passed in 1919, the brewery adapted to become the largest bottler of soda water in the area, which saved it from closing.

Lucy’s Favorite: Leinenkugel’s Original


Don’t forget to come get one of our summer beers on tap before the season ends!


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