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The Ultimate Veggie Burger

Lucy’s is known for our iconic juicy, stuffed burgers that are filled with melty cheese and bursting with flavor. At Lucy’s our burgers don’t need to be made with meat to be delicious. If you’re wanting to switch things up and go meatless, we have the perfect burger just for you. This ain't your typical boring, frozen veggie burger, no our veggie burger is made in-house with the freshest ingredients. It’s not only delicious, it’s veggie-licious!

Here’s how we make it...

The veggie-licious patty is made in-house and by hand. Fresh zucchini, peppers, onions, squash and garlic is roasted for one hour along with black beans and tofu.

After being roasted to perfection, all that veggie goodness is blended together and pressed into burger patties.

We take pepperjack cheese and stuff it in between the veggie patties and it’s all set for the grill.

Top with sauteed julienne vegetables and drizzle with a chipotle aioli for a little kick. VIOLA! A veggie-licious masterpiece.

Whether you’re vegetarian or just in the mood for a meatless option, the veggie-licious burger is sure to satisfy!

In the mood for more meatless options?

We’ve got ya covered. Next time you visit us try some of our other meatless menu items.

Sammy Patty: Salmon burger stuffed with a delectable concoction of cream cheese, spinach and crab meat. Topped with lettuce, tomato and lemon caper aioli.

Wisconsin Cheese Curds: Lightly breaded & fried. Served with ranch dressing.


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