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Here are the winners of the Lucy's #7 Free Burgers for a Year Tattoo Contest:

1. Tiffany McKinney

2. Alexander Rodden

3. Zac Zamora

4. January Fry

5. Austin Holtan

6. Dan Bartlett

7. Michael Ellerbroek

We are partnering with our neighbor TattaLatte Tattoo Inc. and giving away a FREE YEAR OF BURGERS to 7 people who get a Lucy's tattoo! That's right. In honor of our favorite #7, we will select 7 winners to get a Lucy’s tattoo and win a free year of our stuffed burgers. BUT WAIT. Don't just go out and get a tattoo.

Here are the full contest rules:​


  • Enter our contest between July 1st and July 14th.

  • On July 15th, we will pick (7) winners in honor of Lucy’s #7.

  • Winners selected will receive a year supply of burgers (one per week) as long as they choose to have one of our pre-designed Lucy’s tattoos from TattaLatte Tattoo Inc. in Beloit, WI.

  • Winners must complete the tattoo of one of the designs from TattaLatte Tattoo Inc. within 45 days to claim prize or their entry is void.

  • Only the randomly selected winners announced on July 15th will be eligible for the free burgers for a year prize. 

  • No modifications of the tattoo design are allowed. No exceptions.

  • There are (4) different designs. See designs here.

  • Tattoo must be scheduled and completed with TattaLatte Tattoo Inc. before 8/31/19.

  • Selected winners must pay for the tattoo they get. Lucy's does not participate in the sale/service with TattaLatte Tattoo Inc.

  • Winners must sign a consent release form from TattaLatte Tattoo Inc. before being tattooed.

  • Tattalatte Tattoo Inc. and Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar are not liable for any damages you may encounter from entering this contest. You are choosing to get a kickass permanent tattoo from TattaLatte Tattoo and we’re just supplying burgers to the selected winner!

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter contest.

  • Once tattooed, the (7) winners will receive their “For the Love of Lucy, I Got Tattooed for Free Burgers” card from Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar.

  • Free burgers for a year equates to 52 burgers. One redemption per week/visit. Must be used weekly. No carryover. No cash value. Cannot be combined with any other offer, deal or coupon.

  • Burgers are capped at $12.95. No substitutions or add-ons.


2) 3" x 6.5" = $150


3) 3" x 9" = $200

1) 3" x 2" = $100

4) 3" X 2" = $100

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