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Summer Road Trip: Wisconsin Breweries

At Lucy’s #7, we love beer. Especially if it’s Wisconsin beer.

Wisconsin has some of the best breweries in the country, so we’re proud to only serve beer and cider from this great state. We have 20 taps, but we get our brews from a variety of breweries across Wisconsin to make sure we always have an assortment of quality ales, lagers and ciders.

Since we love each of these Wisconsin breweries (and their beer) so much, we thought, “Why not take everyone on a road trip to visit them?” But then we remembered we can’t do that

and make our one-of-a-kind Juicy Lucys, so we decided on a blog instead to give you some ideas for your summer bucket list.

Join us on our Summer Road Trip to Lucy’s favorite Wisconsin breweries as we head west of Beloit for our first five stops!

Location: Potosi

Fun Fact: The Potosi Brewing Company was founded in 1852 and was once the fifth largest brewery in Wisconsin. They survived Prohibition, but ended up closing in 1972, then reopened in 2008 after a major renovation by the Potosi Foundation, a nonprofit and sole owner of the brewery. Their facility is also home to the National Brewery Museum.

Lucy’s Favorite: Gandy Dancer Porter

Location: Monroe

Fun Fact: The brewery has been around for over 160 years and has had multiple different names with many owners who were prominent in the Monroe area AKA the cheese capital of the U.S.

Lucy’s Favorite: Blumers Root Beer

Location: New Glarus

Fun Fact: Their Brewmaster is a diploma master brewer, which is the highest credential in the industry. New Glarus Brewing Co. beers are only sold in the state of Wisconsin and the brewery was named one of the World’s Ten Best Breweries of 1995 and 1999.

Lucy’s Favorite: Spotted Cow

Location: Verona

Fun Fact: The brewery sources ingredients from local growers whenever they can and every piece of the brewery that could be made in Wisconsin was made in Wisconsin. At Wisconsin Brewing Company, they “live, eat, breathe and brew Wisconsin.”

Lucy’s Favorite: S’Wheat Caroline

Location: Madison

Fun Fact: Wisconsin State Journal referred to their American Pale Ale, Hopalicious, as “Madison’s signature beer.”

Lucy’s Favorite: Hopalicious


The fun has only begun! Be sure to check out the rest of our Summer Road Trip Series to get a true taste of Lucy’s #7’s favorite Wisconsin breweries. Your favorite brewery might even make our list!

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